Episode 366 - Gimme A Break!

Gimme A Break!

December 26, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise is late for school AGAIN! Anpan wants to make sure she gets to Kana's house in time... but is she really THAT late?

Comic Transcription

Gimme A Break!

Panel 1: Anpan is sitting upright in his bed.
Anpan: ANI! Wakey wakey! Gonna be late again!
Anise bolts up in bed.

Panel 2: Anise is brushing her teeth, groggy. Anpan is using a toothbrush to brush his fur.
Anpan: A brusha brusha a day, keep da botcha away!
SFX: Brush Brush

Panel 3: Anise is struggling to get into her uniform.
Anpan is anxiously waiting.
SFX: Wiggle Wiggle

Panel 4: Anpan is riding on Anise's head while they are walking to Kana's house.
Anpan: Hurry Ani! Hurry!
Anise is hobbling on her bad leg, looking very tired and haggard.
Anise: Ow - My leg... Ow! My leg...

Panel 5: Anise is knocking on Kana's door.
Anise: KANA! OMP! What is she doing?! We're gonna be late!
SFX: Knock Knock

Panel 6: Kana opens the door in her nightgown/robe with Nemu on her arm.
Anise looks stunned while Anpan greets Nemu.
Anpan: Hey Nemu! Ready to play?
Kana: *Yawn* Why are you here so early? It's winter break!