Episode 371 - Crash Landing

Crash Landing

January 7, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

A birdie has crash landed into Anpan and Nemu's life! Who knows whats going to happen next!

Comic Transcription

Crash Landing

Panel 1: A birdie has crash landed and now he's in a daze!
Anpan: Wat Dis?!

Panel 2: Birdie comes to and realizes what happened!

Panel 3: Anpan stands and watches as Birdie flips up to stand.

Panel 4: Birdie stands but it seems like it's leg is hurt.
Anpan: Oh my Pizza!
Birdie: Pi!

Panel 5: Birdie falls back and is stunned by Nemu who is right behind.
Anpan: Oh noes! Ish da birdie broken?!
Nemu: Birdie!