Episode 379 - Enter The Dark Rider

Enter The Dark Rider

January 26, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Henshin Rider needs to get the crystanthium to Dr. Zeno before it's too late, but a shadowy figure stands in his way!

Comic Transcription

Enter The Dark Rider

Panel 1: Henshin Rider dashes across the city, holding a capsule close to his battle armor.
Henshin Rider: I've got to get this crystanthium to Dr. Zeno before it's too late!

Panel 2: Suddenly a dark figure appears before him!
The Dark Rider: Stop right there Henshin Rider -

Panel 3: The dark figure looms over Henshin Rider
The Dark Rider: Hand Over the Crystanthium to me.
Henshin Rider: Who are you?!

Panel 4: Henshin Rider prepares for the worst!
The Dark Rider: I'm your true Nemesis! I am THE DARK RIDER!

Panel 5: Nemu is complaining because he doesn't want to be the bad guy in this re-enactment of the Henshin Rider Episode. Anpan clutches Pollo the same way Henshin Rider was clutching the Crystantium.
Nemu: Why for Nemu gots t'be da Dark Rider?! Nemu dunno how to be da bad guy!!
Anpan: Ish easy - Just do shtuff dat Nemu no like!