Episode 380 - How to Be Bad

How to Be Bad

January 28, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Even though he doesn't want to, Nemu decides to try to be bad... but perhaps he might be too good at it?

Comic Transcription

How To Be Bad

Panel 1: The Dark Rider poses menacingly...
Nemu: The Dark Rider ish just as powerful as Henshin Rider! But inshtead of doing good, The Dark Rider does BAD!

Panel 2: Nemu poses menacingly but in deep determination...
Nemu: Do shtuff dat Nemu no like... do shtuff dat Nemu no like... NEMU CAN DO DAT!

Panel 3: Nemu steals all of the blanket from Anpan!
Anpan: Blankie?

Panel 4: Nemu shuts off the light on Anpan!
Anpan: Eh?

Panel 5: Nemu swipes the last cookie from Anpan's plate!
Anpan: Cookie?!

Panel 6: Nemu cackles in glee at the thought of all the things he doesn't like to do! Anpan and Pollo are frightened!
Nemu: hee hee hee!
Anpan: SHPOOKERS! Nemu ish taking dis too seriously!