Episode 426 - Warm and Toasty Greetings

Warm and Toasty Greetings

What's this? Did Anpan just meet Toasty the toaster?

Comic Transcription

Warm and Toasty Greetings

Panel 1: Anpan walks through the kitchen when the toaster catches his attention.
Toasty: Hey Buddy!
Anpan: Eh?
Toasty: Oh! Sorry. I though you were someone else.
Anpan: What ish dis?

Panel 2: Toasty explains to Anpan what he is but Anpan isn't too impressed.
Toasty: Me? I'm a toaster, my furry friend!
Anpan: Um okay... so what?

Panel 3: Toasty does his best bragging pitch to Anpan. Anpan thinks hard.
Toasty: SO WHAT?! I can toast up some delicious stuff! Bread, bagels, pastry pops... you name it, I can toast it! And, I come with a 2 year warranty!
Anpan: Hrm.

Panel 4: Anpan goes off and now Toasty is worried.
Toasty: Uh.. hey! I don't like that look on your face! Don't try anything funny, eh?
Anpan: Anpan come right back.