Episode 427 - Toasty vs. Anpan

Toasty vs. Anpan

Toasty is a lonely toaster and is eager to make friends with whoever passes through the kitchen... but perhaps Anpan is someone Toasty shouldn't have met!

Comic Transcription

Toasty vs. Anpan

Panel 1: Toasty is happy to see that Anpan is back so quickly.
Toasty: Hey Buddy!
Anpan: Heyo.
Toasty: You're back! So, tell ol' Toasty... what's it like outsi-

Panel 2: Anpan whips out a huge slice of pizza! Toasty is in despair!
Toasty: YOW! Hold on big guy! You can't put that in-
Anpan: Okay Mishter Toasty...

Panel 3: Anpan shoves the Pizza into Toasty.
Anpan: Toast da PIZZA!

Panel 4: Toasty's not to happy about it... smoke starts to appear. Anpan isn't happy either.
Anpan: Shomething shmells funny.
Toasty: No... REALLY?