Episode 431 - Ranger Pan

Ranger Pan

June 15, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Ranger Pan is here! Exploring is his specialty! With his trusty side kick Scout Nemu in tow, there's nothing they won't explore!

Comic Transcription

Ranger Pan

Panel 1: Witness the World's Greatest Explorer!
Ranger Pan - The World's Greatest Explorer!

Panel 2: Ranger Pan pushes through the tall grass...
SFX: crunch crunch

Panel 3: Before heading into the dark cave, Ranger Pan hears his assistant call.
Scout Nemu: Ranger Pan!
SFX: crunch crunch

Panel 4: Scout Nemu asks a serious question:
Nemu: How Ranger Pan gonna find da way back home?
Anpan: No worries Scout Nemu.

Panel 5: The Great Explorer reveals that he already has that covered and his trusty Scout pal has nothing to worry about.
Ranger Pan: Ranger Pan been dropping Jelly Yums along da way. All gots to do ish follow dem back.

Panel 6: Until he realizes what the Scout has done...
Scout Nemu: Scout Nemu love da Jelly Yums! Shuper nyama nyamas! Sankies Ranger Pan!
Ranger Pan: !
SFX: Plop!