Episode 434 - Stay Optimistic

Stay Optimistic

June 22, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Staying optimistic even when times are tough is a true sign of a Pup Scout. Does Ranger Pan have it in him?

Comic Transcription

Stay Optimistic

Panel 1: Ranger Pan is determined to stay positive.
Ranger Pan: A Pup Scout must always stay OPTIMISTIC... Even when shtuffs no go as planned.
Scout Nemu: OK! Nemu try!

Panel 2: He begins to dig through the back pack as Nemu sits down and thinks POSITIVE.
Ranger Pan: Ranger Pan must be reshourceful. Time to take a look at what gots inside da sack.
Scout Nemu: Think good thoughts! Nemu shtay optimized!

Panel 3: Ranger Pan finds a bag of.... Jelly Yums?!
Ranger Pan: First ting first... Need to find FOOD! OY! WHAT DIS?!
Scout Nemu: Oh yeah! Nemu forgots about DAT!

Panel 4: Nemu happily eats the Jelly Yums while Anpan cannot believe what is happening.
Scout Nemu: Ish NEMU'S bag of Jelly Yums! Da other bag was s'posed to be for Anpan... Yay! Ranger Pan save da day!
Ranger Pan: ...