Episode 440 - Rare Bird

Rare Birds

Scout Nemu finds extremely rare birds while bird watching!

Comic Transcription

Panel 1:
(Nemu, Anpan, and Mister Buns are sitting by a window. Nemu's looking outside with a pair of red "binoculars". Anpan's looking through a "Bird Book".)
Nemu: Scout Nemu didn't know dat birdie-watchin' could be so much fun!

Text Panel 2:
Nemu: So many different kinds of birdies...

Text Panel 3:
Nemu: Some Nemu never see before!

Last Panel:
(Nemu is looking through a "ViewMaster". Anpan looks puzzled.)
Nemu: And dinosaurs!
SFX: chk chk chk

Anpan: ?

Birds from left to right:
Line 1: Blue Jay, Carolina Wren, Snow Plover, Red Robin
Line 2: Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, Dodo, Pterodactyl