Episode 443 - A Camping Story

A Camping Story

July 10, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Get your blanket and your snacks then gather 'round! Toasty's got a camping story to tell!

Comic Transcription

A Camping Story

panel 1: The Pup Scouts have a snack while Toasty tells his tale...
Scout Nemu: Since da Pup Scouts ish camping... tell a shtory Toasty!
Toasty: I thought you'd never ask! It was the trial of the century! And all the Famous names and faces were in the courtroom...

panel 2: The stars of his story are introduced.
Toasty: Bagel Brown - The Ace Attorney, Poppe Tarte the Prosecutions Star Witness, Budd R. & Dyn R. Roll, The Twin Defendants and T. Burns, Prosecuting Attorney.

panel 3: Miss Pop Tarte sniffs a bit while her attorney builds his case.
Toasty: Bagel Brown - The Ace Attorney was hired to defend the twins in a heinous case of LARCENY and ARSONY!
T. Burns: As you can see, my client is quite upset- and it's all due to that awful Budd R. Roll!

panel 4: Bagel Brown defends his clients!
Bagel Brown: You cannot judge my clients by their color! Just because they're toasty doesn't mean they burned down her shop!

panel 5: The honorable judge asks for the verdict.
Toasty: Soon - presiding judge Pan Koh asked the peanut gallery for their verdict...
Judge Pan Koh: Jurors - What say you?

panel 6: The Peanut Gallery speaks...
Peanut Gallery: Your honor- we find the defendants... NOT GUILTY!

panel 7: T. Burns is OUTRAGED!

panel 8: Mister Buns flat on his face as he always does... Toasty didn't thing his story was THAT bad.
Ranger Pan: Oy!
Toasty: Aw c'mon... it's not THAT bad!