Episode 453 - My Store

My Store

August 3, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

The showdown begins! Anise shows Nemesis around Collector Maniacs... sorta.

Comic Transcription

My Store

panel 1: Anise faces off with Nemesis when she discovers that he is shopping inside of Collector Maniacs.
Anise: What're y'doin' in here?! This is MY store!
Nemesis: WHAT? You don't own it! I don't see your NAME anywhere.

panel 2: The debate gets heated.
Anise: You know what I mean!
Nemesis: No. Enlighten me.
Both: GRRRRRRR....

panel 3: Anise waves her hands frantically to show off the large corner dedicated to the Henshin Rider Fan Club!
Anise: Witness THE CORNER!

panel 4: Then she points out the smaller box with Hanshin Flyer stuff in it.
Anise: And over here - your PUNY Hanshin Flyer box of junks!
Nemesis: JUNKS!?