Episode 465 - Visual Distress

Visual Distress

August 28, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana tells Anise all about her morning. Poor Kana.

Comic Transcription

Visual Distress

panel 1: Kana looks down in the dumps, Ani asks her whats up.
Anise: Why ya so down?
Kana: Nemu took my glasses again this morning...
Anise: So?

panel 2: Kana explains.
Kana: You don't understand... I can't do anything without them. I'm helpless.

panel 3: Anise doesn't think her explanation is that bad...
Anise: Oh my pizza! It can't be THAT bad, Kana.

panel 4: Until she hears what happned!
Kana: This morning I mistook a pillow for Nemu.
Anise: Holy Space Cow! You really are blind!