Episode 466 - Visions of Doom

Visions of Doom

August 31, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana explains to Anise why wearing glasses is the pits.

Comic Transcription

Visions of Doom

panel 1: Kana laments the fact that she NEEDS her glasses.
Kana: You're so lucky you don't have to wear glasses! It's the pits.

panel 2: Kana crashes into a swimming lane line...
Kana: I crash into lane lines when swimming.

panel 3: She can barely keep the 3D glasses on her face during the movie.
Kana: 3D glasses are uncomfortable to wear over my glasses.

panel 4: Kana can't see the camera so she's not facing the right way...
Kana: I'm never looking at the camera... since I CAN'T SEE IT during class photos.

panel 5: Kana's glasses fly away!
Kana: My biggest fear is that I'll lose them in a natural disaster... then I'll be BLIND!

panel 6: Kana puts her head down in her school bag.
Kana: I don't wanna be blind, Ani!
Anise: Relax. There's no hurricane today. Just gym class.
Kana: Can it please be a hurricane instead?