Episode 544 - Chef Marvello

Chef Marvello

February 10, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

The second chef is revealed... what's his secret?

Comic Transcription

Chef Marvello

panel 1: The second chef quickly turns around while the other two look on.
You may now commence cooking, good sirs!

panel 2: He carries his two brief cases...
The second chef was known for his arcane knowledge of spices... and alchemy!

panel 3: And starts his cooking.
His reputation was the stuff of legend and mystery.... Many chefs have tried to imitate his recipes but none have ever been able to duplicate his flavors! He was a perfectionist to the core. Eyeing with accuracy the ingredients by sight and declaring perfection by smell.

panel 4: He prepares to open the brief cases...
What was the secret to his stunning dishes?

panel 5: and inside are many many vials of secret spices.
Was it in his spices? or perhaps it was simply “magic”.