Episode 545 - Secret Spices

Secret Spices

February 12, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Mmmmm! What's that heavenly smell?

Comic Transcription

Secret Spices

panel 1: Chef Marvello puts a dash of spice into his pot as the crowd watches
The crowd couldn’t take their eyes off of chef Marvello. They whispered amongst each other, debating about what particular ingredients he would use...

panel 2: He pulls an unmarked vial from his briefcase...
But marvello knew exactly what it would take... to mesmerize the crowd!

panel 3 + 4: He sprinkles a touch into the boiling concoction!
His secret spice concoction!

panel 5: The crowd inhales....
Was it sage? no! a blend of oregano and thyme?

panel 6: And they are in love!
No matter! Whatever it was, it smelled... HEAVENLY!