Episode 547 - Building Greatness

Building Greatness

February 17, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

The three chefs show off their talents! The crowd goes wild!

Comic Transcription

Building Greatness

panel 1: Chef Alistair places the pepperoni...
So the three chefs began their work...

panel 2: Chef Marvello is concentrating..
Each using their skills...

panel 3: The boy kneads the dough...
To make the ultimate pizza!

panel 4: Alistair tosses the dough!
The crowd swooned as chef alistair tossed the dough!

panel 5: Marvello dashes on the sauce
They gasped as chef marvello expertly poured the sauce!

panel 6: The boy tastes his creation....
No one paid much attention to the boy. He just wasn’t as flashy or exciting as the other chefs.

panel 7: And puts the pizza into the brick oven...
But he preferred it that way.