Episode 548 - Fit For A King

Fit For A King

February 19, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

The pizzas are done! Time to present their creations to the King!

Comic Transcription

Fit For A King

panel 1: The clock shows 5 o'clock.
When the clock struck five-

panel 2: The three chefs present their pizzas!
The three chefs presented their creations...

panel 3: The King sits on his throne...
To his Royal Majesty! The King sat stoically in his throne... waiting to see which chef would step forward first.

panel 4: Alistair cuts the pizza.
Chef Alistair knew this was his chance to make a good first impression.

panel 5: The King seems exited at the sight of the pizza!
“This pizza is fit for a king” he thought to himself.

panel 6: The King takes a bite...

panel 7: He chews...

panel 8: and swallows.