Episode 564 - Rider's Remorse

Riders Remorse

March 26, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anpan's peeved that he didn't get to fly to the moon! But he's got a plan!

Comic Transcription

Riders Remorse

panel 1: Anpan is quite upset while Nemu is playing with his wheelie duck.
Anpan: Junk car! Just tink Nemu... If Anpan didn't ride, Anpan and Nemu'd be in OUTER SHPACE!

panel 2: Anpan looks from side to side... Nemu wonders what his buddy is thinking...
Nemu: ?

panel 3: Anpan knows!
Anpan: Anpan gots idea!

panel 4: He asks Nemu to follow him!
Anpan: Come Nemu- Anpan need help!
Nemu: OKAY!