Episode 571 - Dangerous Job

Dangerous Job

April 9, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's a scary mission... but they knew the job was dangerous when they took it!

Comic Transcription

Dangerous Job

panel 1: Anpan speaks into the microphone.
Anpan: Ish Henshin Rider in DANGER?!

panel 2: Henshin Rider explains
Henshin Rider: No- But I have an emergency mission for the Henshin Pups... I need you to infiltrate DarkHole's main head quarters and retrieve the Yellow Jacket.

panel 3: A holographic map appears and shows the location of DarkHole's HQ
Henshin Rider: I'm sending you the coordinates now. Make no mistake, this mission is dangerous, and the odds are against us. But, it's a job only the Henshin Pups can do!

panel 4: Suddenly, two special belts appear from under the Pizza Doodle Doo's dash!
Henshin Rider: To assist you on your mission, I've equipped the Pizza Doodle Doo with these special belts.
Nemu: Whoa!
Anpan: Oh my pizza! Where dat come from?

panel 5: Nemu looks amazed at the belt.
Henshin Rider: Good luck Henshin Pups! RAY-ON!

panel 6: The pups put on their belts! They're ready!
Anpan: Henshin Rider can count on da HENSHIN PUPS!
Nemu: Yeah!