Episode 572 - Shtinky Situation

Shtinky Situation

April 12, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemu would say "excuse Nemu!", but he claims he didn't do it!

Comic Transcription

Shtinky Situation

panel 1: The Pizza Doodle Doo and crew land outside a large opening in a stone wall. The sign says "Welcome to Darkhole".
Nemu: Why for Henshin Rider need a yellow jacket?
Anpan: Maybe need shometing to wear to a party? Dis must be it.

panel 2: Nemu looks at Anpan worried...
Nemu: A-Anpan... dis ish a REALLY dark hole!
Anpan: Yesh... so keep eyes open. Henshin Pups must stay alert and...

panel 3: Anpan looks quite irritated.
Anpan: Nemu.
Nemu: ?

panel 4: Anpan points to Nemu, but Nemu is surprised. A shadow lurks behind them!
Anpan: Shometing ish SERIOUSLY SHTINKY!
Nemu: Ish not Nemu! PAW'S HONOR!
Lurking Shadow: NO....

panel 5: The huge shadow speaks and raises it's arms!
Lurking Shadow: IT'S CIRRUS GAS!
Nemu: gasp!