Episode 575 - Space Cow's Lab

Space Cow's Lab

April 19, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

The Henshin Pups continue their search for the yellow jacket inside of Space Cow's lab. Who knows what they'll turn up!

Comic Transcription

Space Cow's Lab

panel 1: The Henshin Pups venture into Space Cow's lab!
Nemu: Wow! Shpace Cow's lab is HUGE!
Anpan: Da yellow jacket gots to be somewhere in here. Nemu look over dere, Anpan look over here.

panel 2: Nemu looks into some drawers...
Nemu: Nope. No yellow jacket in here.

panel 3: Anpan checks in a bin. Suddenly, some clears their throat!
Anpan: No yellow jacket here either. Nemu, see if dere's a CLOSET. Maybe da yellow jacket ish HANGING in dere!
Voice: ahem.

panel 4: Anpan asks Nemu:
Anpan: What Nemu need?
Nemu: Dat wasn't Nemu...

panel 5: Then a voice comes from above!
Voice: Up here!

panel 6: There's a girl inside the silo!
Girl: Hi. I could use some help here, if you two don't mind.