Episode 576 - The Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket

April 21, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Who is the girl stuck in the tube? The answer leads to even more confusion for the pups!

Comic Transcription

The Yellow Jacket

panel 1: The pups stare up at the girl stuck in the tube.
Anpan: Oh- Heyo dere! Seen a yellow jacket around here?
Nemu: Not quite sure of da style, but ish yellow and ish a jacket.

panel 2: The girl looks quite irritated.
girl: ...is that a trick question or something?

panel 3: The pups are confused...
Pups: ?

panel 4: Then she drops the bombshell!
Nemu: Nopes! Ish not!
Yellow Jacket: I'M the Yellow Jacket.
Anpan: Eh? NOT!

panel 5: But it doesn't make sense to the pups.
Anpan: Wait-a-minute. Da Yellow Jacket ish a GIRL?!
Nemu: Maybe da girl ish wearing a yellow jacket?

panel 6: The Yellow Jacket gets impatient.
Yellow Jacket: Hey you two... no time for small talk! Could you just please just get me outta he-

panel 7: Suddenly....