Episode 586 - Departure


Finally on dry land, the rescued pups and the Yellow Jacket say their good-byes.

Comic Transcription


panel 1: The Yellow Jacket drops the pups off near the Pizza Doodle Doo was left.
Yellow Jacket: Alright... here ya go!
Nemu: Dat was sooo much fun!
Anpan: Dat was shpookers. Soooo much botcha!

panel 2: She can't believe the pups came to Space Cow's cave in that box!
Yellow Jacket: Whoa! You came in that thing?! You pups are braver than I thought!

panel 3: The Henshin Pups try once more to get the Yellow Jacket to come with them to see Henshin Rider.
Nemu: So... Yellow Jacket no come to visit Henshin Rider?
Yellow Jacket: Hmmm. Maybe next time.
Anpan: Promise? Paws Honor? Pizza in da eye?

panel 4: But she refuse but makes a promise. Fist/Paw bumps all around.
Yellow Jacket: PROMISE! Er... paws pizza in the eye... or something.

panel 5: She picks up the pups in the Pizza Doodle Doo....
Yellow Jacket: How about I give you two a lift?
Anpan: WHOA!

panel 6: And carries them up into the sky!
Yellow Jacket: AND AWAY... WE... GO!

panel 7: And they go their separate ways.