Episode 659 - Contagious


November 8, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Botcha Duck shows Anpan what happens when pups don't take a bath...

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Botcha Duck isn't done yet! Suddenly, Nemu appears....
Botcha Duck: You might think it's okay not to bathe, but all actions have consequences....
Anpan: Ish Nemu?
Botcha Duck: Have a look~

panel 2: Anpan wanders over to Nemu. Nemu seems to be drawing something.
Anpan: Wat Nemu Doin' here?
Nemu: Drawin' shtuffs for Kana-Mama!

panel 3: Anpan puts his paws onto Nemu's drawing to pull it close to him to see. Nemu seems surprised!
Anpan: Ohh~ Anpan wanna see!
Nemu: Wa-

panel 4: Oh no! Anpan got Nemu's artwork all dirty with his paws!
Anpan: !
Nemu: Ah~

panel 5: Anpan tries to say he's sorry but his paws just get Nemu dirty!
Anpan: A-Anpan SHORRY!
Nemu: NOOOOOOO~ Nemu just botcha'd!

panel 6: Anpan can't believe how horrible this is! He covers his eyes...
Anpan: OH NOES!

panel 7: But gets dirt all over his face!
Anpan: GAH!

panel 8: Anpan cries: