Episode 663 - After The Ordeal

After The Ordeal

November 17, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

So it was all a dream for Anpan... or was it?

Comic Transcription

After The Ordeal

panel 1: Anpan relaxes on the bed while Botcha Duck sits on his tummy.
Anpan: Aaaaaaahhhhh~ ish over.... oh my pizza....

panel 2: Anpan sits up and Botcha Duck wobbles onto the bed. Ani is here!
Anise: Ah! There you are!
Anpan: Ani?

panel 3: Anise jumps onto Anpan!
Anpan: OY!

panel 4: She picks him up and gives him a great big hug! Botcha Duck gives a wink!
Anise: Clean, warm pups are the best!
SFX: sniiifff~
Anpan: ACK!