Episode 678 - Be Mindful

Be Mindful

December 20, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

The Gorphians attempt to bring Enchilada back to them using their thoughts.

Comic Transcription

Be Mindful

panel 1: The Gorphians watch as the Sea3Poyo flies away.
Gorphian: < They're getting away! >

panel 2: One of the Gorphians waves the others to gather.
Gorphian: < Quickly! Gather Around! >

panel 3: The gather around and begin to meditate...
Gorphian: < We must join together and meditate to bring them back! >

panel 4: The Sea3Poyo hovers in front of the Gorphian...
Gorphian: < Focus all of your thoughts on the ship... >

panel 5: They focus their thoughts and start trying to bring the ship back...
Gorphian: < I-it's working! >

panel 6: One of the Gorphians notices that it seems to be working, but another fears what happens next!
Gorphian: < Wait! Be mindful of your thoughts! >

panel 7: The Sea3Poyo crashes to the ground! The Gorphians can't believe what has happened!
Gorphian: < NO! >