Episode 693 - Milkshake RX

Milkshake RX

January 24, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise shows Kana how great emergency milkshakes can be.

Comic Transcription

Milkshake RX

panel 1: Anise hands Kana a straw
Anise: Naw! Don't use a spoon. That's NO FUN! Here– A STRAW!

panel 2: She puts it into her milk shake and....
Anise: It's the best way to enjoy an emergency milkshake!

panel 3: starts to sip the shake through the straw!
Anise: This kinda suckage beats any other kinda suckage– any day!

panel 4: Both girls start drinking the shake....

panel 5: And it tastes great!
Anise and Kana: HA~

panel 6: Kana feels better. Anise is quite pleased.
Kana: You're right. I feel better already! I can see why grown-ups enjoy hanging out at places like this and talking over drinks all day long.
Anise: Isn't milkshake therapy the best?

panel 7: She decides to order another shake....
Anise: Sir! Another, please!
Kana: Hmm.. you have enough allowance to pay for this?

panel 8: Kana wonders if Anise has enough money to pay for it all.
Anise: Oh. Since we're talking student council stuff, I thought we could write this off as a business expense.