Episode 696 - Shooting Arrows Into Hearts

Shooting Arrows Into Hearts

January 31, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

The pups are interested in what Kana and Anise picked up from the store... but it's not what they think it is.

Comic Transcription

Shooting Arrows Into Hearts

panel 1: Anise opens the door and she's greeted by two anxious pups.
Anise: HEY! It's my two favorite pups!
Nemu: Yay! Ani mama and Kana mama ish back!
Anpan: Wat took so long?

panel 2: She holds up the bag of supplies they purchased.
Anise: Sorry we're a bit late. We had to go shopping.

panel 3: Anpan reaches out to take the bag as Nemu looks on.
Anpan: Wat gots? Ish good shtuffs?
Nemu: Ish toys?

panel 4: The pups both run off with the bag to see what's inside as the girls get settled in.
Anise: Don't get too excited. It's nothing you'd want to play with.
Anpan: Anpan be da judge! C'mon Nemu! Time to inshpect da loot!

panel 5: Anpan pulls out a box of Cupid Heart Notes.
Anpan: Wat dis?! Ish dis a new game?

panel 6: He studies the box...
Anpan: WHOA! Gots angels shooting arrows into hearts! Dis ish Anpan's kinda game!

panel 7: Then asks a question
Anpan: Ish da angel baby da GOOD GUY or da BAD GUY?

panel 8: The girls look at each other...

panel 9: Then give their response!
Kana: The GOOD guy!
Anise: The BAD guy!