Episode 699 - Kana's Wish

Kana's Wish

February 7, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Did Kana bite off more than she can chew by agreeing to do this Valentine's Day party?

Comic Transcription

Kana's Wish

panel 1: Anpan crawls onto the envelope that Ani is working on.
Anpan: Ish dis one for Anpan?
Anise: Hrm? No.
Anpan: Shucks.

panel 2: Anpan takes a look at a different card while Nemu is drawing a heart and Kana is also drawing.
Anise: Hey, Kana...
Kana: Yeah?
Anpan: Maybe DIS ONE can be Anpan's?
Nemu: No worries Anpan. Nemu make one!

panel 3: Anise turns to ask Kana a question.
Anise: Did you WANT to do this? Plan this Valentine's day party, I mean...
Anpan: Can Ani draw da Angel Baby shooting shtuffs on dis one?

panel 4: Kana starts to snip out something from the red paper.
Kana: Sometimes I wonder. Maybe I a part of me wants to show everyone that I can do it.

panel 5: And lets out a sigh.
Kana: But– maybe I should be careful what I wish for...

panel 6: Nemu brings her a heart that he cut out of red paper!
Nemu: Kana Mama! Does dis one look like a heart?
Kana: HEY! That's really good, Nemu!

panel 7: Nemu is picked up by Kana and he shows her the heart.
Kana: But you never know– sometimes really great things come from wishes!