Episode 701 - Just For You

Just For You

February 10, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemesis gets to see first hand all of Kana and Ani's hard work! Hope he appreciates it.

Comic Transcription

Just For You

panel 1: Kana is putting up all of the Valentine's day decorations. Nemesis comes by.
Nemesis: Heyyy– Mezurashi! I gotta hand it to ya. This is gonna be an awesome party!

panel 2: Kana tries her best....
Nemesis: You're really great at this planning stuff. Maybe you should do this more often!
Kana: Uh– thanks.

panel 3: to be polite. She asks him if...
Kana: Do you want to help put any of these up?
Nemesis: Me? Nah– looks like you've got it down!

panel 4: Nemesis takes a look at the massive wall of envelopes...
Nemesis: Okay! Is this put up alphabetically? Let's find my name...

panel 5: but notices his name isn't on the wall
Nemesis: Hey, what happened to MINE?
Kana: I haven't put it up yet.

panel 6: Kana hands him his envelope. Nemesis is relieved
Nemesis: Right! I knew you wouldn't forget–

panel 7: Until he realizes what he's got...
Nemesis: mine...