Episode 713 - First New Customer

First New Customer

March 11, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Toasty didn't make any friends with his antics, so he tries to make amends.

Comic Transcription

First New Customers

panel 1: The kid glares at Toasty.
Toasty: The kid and I got off to a rocky start...

panel 2: Mom comes by and wonders whats going on?
Mom: ?

panel 3: She puts a piece of bread into Toasty. Toasty is surprised!
Mom: Do you know what a toaster does?
Kid: Umm...

panel 4: She depresses the lever... Toasty is ready!
Mom: If you wanna make friends with it, you have to feed it.

panel 5: Toasty gets to work! Smoke starts to come out of his top!
Kid: ?

panel 6: Then....

panel 7: Mom hands the toasted bread over...
Kid: Aaah!

panel 8: Toasty made a new friend!
SFX: Crunch!
Toasty: Good thing I had the SKILLET took to make amends.