Episode 715 - Show 'n' Tell

Show 'n' Tell

March 16, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Toasty goes on a little excursion... to school!

Comic Transcription

Show 'n' Tell

panel 1: One day, toasty went on a little excursion... to school!
Toasty: Ah yeah... I remember that day well!
Kid: This is gonna be the bestest show 'n' tell ever!

panel 2: The teacher is asking for volunteers.
Teacher: Okay, children–who wants to go first for show-and-tell?

panel 3: The kid jumps at the chance!
Kid: me!

panel 4: Starts setting things up....
Kid: Hold on! Lemme get my stuffs ready.

panel 5: Digging in the bag....
Kid: I wanna introduce you to...

panel 6: and brings out TOASTY!
Kid: My Buddy!

panel 7: Holds Toasty up high so everyone can see...
Kid: TOASTY! The bestest toaster in the world!

panel 8: The classmates start talking amongst each other...
classmate 1: Umm.. isn't that just a regular toaster?
classmate 2: It's a REALLY OLD toaster.

panel 9: Seems like they aren't impressed with Toasty at all.
Kid: B-but Toasty really is THE BEST!
classmate 3: My family owns a BETTER toaster than that.
classmate 4: Is this a joke? Where's the REAL thing you were gonna show us?