Episode 721 - Daring Firehose

Daring Firehose

March 29, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Lunch with a new friend can lead to all sorts of interesting and unplanned conversations!

Comic Transcription

Daring Firehose

panel 1: The two new friends have lunch together.
Kid: Wowzers! I thought Toasty was good, but this is super!
Student: Really?

panel 2: She loves her toast...
Student: I prefer Toast myself!

panel 3: and they continue to eat and chat...
Kid: Suit yerself!

panel 4: She offers more of her lunch.
Student: Please help yourself to more!

panel 5: The kid gladly accepts!
Kid: OH KAY!
Student: *glance*

panel 6: She notices the symbol on the kids shirt...
Student: Daring Fireball's my dad's favorite website! Are you a fan too?

panel 7: The kid is confused? What is she talkin' about?
Kid: Wazzat? Daring Firehose? OH! You mean THIS SHIRT?

panel 8: The kid explains the origins of the shirt...
Kid: Heck no! This is the symbol of the roughest, toughest, hero of the far west–

panel 9: And proclaims the allegiance to...

panel 10: Unfortunately she has no idea who that is!
Student: Oh... Never heard of it...