Episode 746 - Jedi Flower Power

Jedi Flower Power

Even something created out of frustration can be beautiful.

Comic Transcription

Jedi Flower Power

panel 1: Nemu hands a new sheet to Anpan.
Anpan: Anpan try again.
Nemu: GOOD! Always remember…

panel 2: Anpan tries...
Nemu: A Jedi's strength flows from da Force. But beware.

panel 3: But his trying
Nemu: Anger, fear, aggression. Da dark side are they.

panel 4: leads him
Nemu: Once you start down da dark path…

panel 5: to create a ball of paper!
Nemu: Forever will it dominate your destiny.

panel 6: Anpan gets so frustrated that he throws the paper down!
Anpan: DAH!

panel 7: Nemu sits next to the paper and picks it up.
Nemu: Control. Must learn control.

panel 8: He then takes a green pen.
Nemu: You must feel DA FORCE around you…

panel 9: and attaches it to the paper.
Nemu: See!

panel 10: Suddenly the rubbish paper is a pretty flower!
Anpan: OHH~ ish like a FLOWER! Nemu ish so smart!
Nemu: May da Force be with Anpan!