Episode 761 - Where ya Goin'?

Where Ya Goin'?

Nemu flies in the sky with a few birdie friends, but he's got somewhere to go...

Comic Transcription

Where Ya Goin'?

panel 1: Nemu flies through the sky along side a flock of birds!
Nemu: Heyo! Where goin'?

panel 2: The birds are suprised to see him.
Bird: Kwah!
Nemu: Ooh! Sounds fun!

panel 3: Nemu talks to the birds a bit...
Nemu: Nemu wanna go shome day...

panel 4: and points out where he's going to!
Nemu: Ah! Dis ish Nemu's stop!
Bird: Kwah!

panel 5: Nemu waves at the birds as he sails...
Nemu: Bai bai birdies!

panel 6: home!
Nemu: Nemu ish back!

panel 7: and lands on the bed right next to Anpan!
Nemu: Dat was fun!
Anpan: Show off.