Episode 780 - Tale #7 Fools For Fandom

Tale #7 Fools for Fandom

August 15, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Just about any die hard fan understands this scenario!

Comic Transcription

Fools For Fandom

panel 1: Anise and Anpan wake up extra early...
Anise: Up early on a summer morning–

panel 2: and get ready for...
Anise: Kana says we're nuts.

panel 3: their big day! They get on their bike and head down...
Anise: I say we're TRUE FANS!

panel 4: but there's already a large crowd waiting in line.
Anise: WHOA! I thought we were early...

panel 5: Anise finds a spot...
Anise: No matter–

panel 6: pulls out her games and snacks
Anise: I came prepared!
Anpan: Z

panel 7: and before they know it...
A few hours later...
Anise: OH! The line's moving!

panel 8: They're almost at the front of the line!
Just steps away from the Henshin Rider movie premier!
Anise: OH MY PIZZA! I am so close I can taste victory!

panel 9: But unfortunately, right when Anise gets to the front of the line...
Attendant: I'm sorry miss– we are out of tickets.
Anise: BUT~

panel 10: She can't believe it! She pleads with the attendant...
Anise: I've been waiting ALL DAY!
Attendant: Please try again tomorrow.

panel 11: Unexpected moment of infinite sadness!
Anise and Anpan: Noooooooooooooooooo