Episode 788 - Two Suns

Two Suns

September 2, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Why does this planet have TWO suns? Enchilada knows!

Comic Transcription

Two Suns

panel 1: Dudley, Enchilada and Pollo enjoy the sunset.
Dudley: Hey Enchilada! Why does this planet have TWO suns?
Enchilada: Dats easy!

panel 2: Enchilada knows the answer!
Enchilada: Da planets wanted a daughter but gots another sun instead.

panel 3: Dudley is struck with the knowledge...
Dudley: OH YIKES!

panel 4: How awful!
Dudley: I hope they don't try again!

panel 5: Enjoy the sunset folks!
Enchilada: Yups.