Episode 794 - Like Royalty

Like Royalty

September 16, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

First the King Seat... Next up? The King HAT! :D

... and no, Enchilada's isn't getting ready to eat Pollo~ XD

Comic Transcription

Like Royalty

panel 1: Enchilada and Pollo are seated. Enchilada in his booster... oops King Seat.
Waiter: Comfy?

panel 2: Enchilada holds up his utensils and he's ready to eat!

panel 3: But wait... something's missing.
Enchilada: Enchilada shtill don't feel like royalty. Shometing missing...

panel 4: Enchilada calls for the hat!
Waiter: Uh– hold on.

panel 5: The waiter puts the paper crown together...

panel 6: And crowns Enchilada!
Waiter: OK– Here you go.

panel 7: Enchilada is now ready to EAT!
Enchilada: YESH! NOW Enchilada ish ready to eat!
Pollo: Pi...