Episode 795 - Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

September 19, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Featuring the "real" Paco in today's comic... in cameo shots from 2002. :D

Have you ever participated in a food competition? I certainly haven't and doubt I'll ever try... XD;

Maybe if there was one for beef jerky... ':3

Comic Transcription

Wall of Fame

panel 1: Enchilada reaches for the menu that is handed to him.
Waiter: Your menu?
Enchilada: Ooh!

panel 2: He takes a look at them menu and something catches his eye!
Enchilada: Wat dis?
Waiter: That is Paco's infamous food challenge.

panel 3: The waiter explains what Paco's challenge is all about.
Waiter: Many have tried but few have succeeded. It's pretty tough.

panel 4: Enchilada is intrigued!
Enchilada: Wat da winner gets?!

panel 5: The wall of fame only has a few pictures of the people that have completed the challenge.
Waiter: See our Wall of Fame? The sign says it all.
Sign says: Wall of Fame - Eat it All & Get on the WALL!! and the Meal is FREE!
Enchilada: Enchilada wanna take da challenge!

panel 6: The waiter questions Enchilada...
Waiter: You sure? Greater men have tried– I seriously advise against it...

panel 7: But he's made up his mind! He's going to take the challenge!
Enchilada: YESH! Enchilada sure! BRING IT ON!