Episode 797 - A Little Spicy. When eating at Paco's, be sure to bring your fire extinguisher because it burns both ways!

A Little Spicy

September 23, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

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Comic Transcription

A Little Spicy

panel 1: Enchilada gets ready for his first bite...
Enchilada: Ready to be famous?

panel 2: and he shoves one of the mini chimichanga's into his mouth
Enchilada: Aah!

panel 3: He thinks it's not bad at all...
Enchilada: A little shpicy but not ba–

panel 4: but then....
Enchilada: ...
Pollo: ?

panel 5: A huge burst of fire flies out of Paco's window!

panel 6: Enchilada is on FIRE!
Enchilada: FIRE!!

panel 7: He throws flames around the room! Scaring Pollo!
Enchilada: IT BUURRNNNS!!

panel 8: Pollo douses him with the glass of water!

panel 9: Enchilada cools off at last!
Enchilada: Woo– sankies Pollo!
Pollo: Pi.