Episode 801 - Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

October 3, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Happy Monday! We're starting a new chapter, just in time for our favorite month of year - October. It's not only the beginning of autumn, but also the month of my birthday, Ani's birthday, our anniversary, AND Halloween. It can't get much better than than!
What's your favorite month of the year? ^_^?

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Also for those who missed it, we updated with our 800th strip on Friday! I'm curious to see just where things will go from here! nemu*nemu has really grown since we started in 2006. :D Woo Hoo!

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Friday's wallpaper: Henshin Pups!


Comic Transcription

Ghost Stories

panel 1: Kana reads the ending of the "Anya's Ghost" to the pups and Anise.
Kana: "Why are you still fighting? What you want no longer exists!" she said.

panel 2: She finishes the final page...
Kana: The ghost looked at her sadly, sighed and quietly disappeared into the night.

panel 3: and slams the book shut!
Kana: THE END!
Anpan: WHOA– dat was not wat Anpan was expecting!

panel 4: Anpan and Nemu are unnerved by the story...
Anpan: At first da ghost girl was kinda cool and helpful– but then turned EVIL BAD!
Nemu: Yah.

panel 5: Nemu comes to a conclusion!
Nemu: Maybe all ghosts ish bad!
Anpan: *nod*

panel 6: But Anise has a story of her own to tell...
Anise: If I may interrupt– I couldn't help but overhear your conversation...
Kana: *sigh*