Episode 817 - Fly the Friendly Skies

Fly the Friendly Skies

November 18, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

What goes up, must come...

Well, it's finally the weekend and we have our next event at St. Andrew's Priory School! Check the blog post for more info! I will have extra gelaskins on hand, but if you're interested in getting a custom one for your device, let us know! If there's enough interest, I'll open a second order. :D

Also! You may see an Amazon ad hovering above this post! If you plan to do some shopping this Christmas there, please be sure to click on that banner link before you start! We will receive a small bit of credit for each of your purchases and a little goes a long way to keeping nemu*nemu completely reader-funded! :D

Much sankies!

Comic Transcription

FLy The Friendly Skies

panel 1: Nemu is gliding through the sky holding onto the kite... a bird comes up from behind.

panel 2: Nemu happily spots the bird.

panel 3: The bird flies in front and pulls the kite by the string!

panel 4: Soon the bird has Nemu in tow...
SFX: Pull

panel 5: but shortly decides to go his separate way...
Nemu: BAI!

panel 6: Suddenly the wind slowed down and Nemu was caught off guard!
Nemu: WHOA!