Episode 826 - Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work Pays Off

December 9, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Finally back on land!

Next event is this weekend at Moanalua High School! Gates open at 9am, but get there early to find parking! This will be our last event of the year! :D I will have some new charms and jewelry available there that is not yet added to the shop.

Also, thanks to all who are supporting our kickstarter project! We're not quite halfway to our goal yet, but please keep sharing, retweeting, and letting people know about this! If we don't reach our full funding by Christmas, no one will be charged for their pledges, but on the same token, we may not have a volume 6 for 2012!

Comic Transcription

Hard Work Pays Off

panel 1: Nemu holds out the stick with the bread as the turtle follows it as they near land.

panel 2: Nemu leaps from the turtle to the land!

panel 3: Nemu finally gives the turtle the reward he worked so hard!
Turtle: munch!

panel 4: The turtle happily munches the bread and Nemu decides to get going.
Nemu: BAI!

panel 5: Nemu remarks that he's almost there!
Nemu: Almost dere! Nemu can feel it!