Episode 828 - Friends In High Places

Friends In High Places

December 14, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Hi folks!

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In the meanwhile! Since all our efforts are going to complete this book, we haven't had time to update the shop with all our new charms and gelaskins. I have instead created a new side-shop to help me sell my newer prints.

I'll be rotating things there as new artwork comes in until we can get our shop up-to-date. :D

Comic Transcription

Friends In High Places

panel 1: Nemu struggles to get up to the top as the wolf looks directly at him puzzled.
Nemu: H-Help!

panel 2: The wolf understands but how much longer can Nemu hang on?
Wolf: YIP!

panel 3: Luckily the wolf picks up Nemu by the back...
SFX: Pull

panel 4: and drops him safely down on solid ground!

panel 5: Nemu pats the wolf on the nose.

panel 6: Nemu reaches into his pack and pulls out some ham and offers it to the wolf.
Nemu: Ham snacku?

panel 7: Nemu has some cheese while the wolf eats the ham.
Nemu: Nemu'll have da cheese!