Episode 830 - Heading Home

Heading Home

December 19, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's a double-decker comic interlude today~ The end is near! :D

We have 1 week left in our Kickstarter project to raise funds to print our next book in full color, in time for Kawaii Kon in mid-March. We've raised about 65% of the money to achieve our goal but need your help raising that last $3500!

I've added a few new incentives, including:

1) Learn Nemesis' true name!

Yes! By request, we have added this as kickstarter pledge incentive! Learn Nemesis' true name, but we swear you to secrecy! :D

2) Join the Henshin Rider Fan Club!

The Henshin Rider Fan Club is back! Want to show your love for all things Henshin Rider? Want to cosplay Ani in her -official- fan club shirt? Now's your chance! 3 packages for those who also want a copy of the book. :D

3) Get your portrait done by me~! :D
I don't normally take non-nemu*nemu requests, so this is a great opportunity for me to draw your original character or portrait of you or a loved one! You specify the style and media - you get the original/print (if it's digitally colored). For additional characters/people, please increase your pledge +$25 per person and contact me to confirm. :D

Finally, if you have anything you'd like to see added as an incentive package, let me know!

Comic Transcription

Heading Home

panel 1: Nemu soars high above the town where he lives...