Episode 852 - It's Real

It's Real

February 20, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

While Ani despairs, Kana remembers some of the good times with her friendly neighborhood ice cream truck...

Happy President's Day -- to those who celebrate it! :D

Comic Transcription

It's Real

Panel 1: Anise is devistated and sulking, so Kana turns to the pups and tells her story
Kana: Don't listen to her. The ice cream truck used to come through this neighborhood when I was younger.
Pups: Ish real?!

Panel 2: Flashback for Kana~ All the children gather around the ice cream truck with their parents.
Kana: Oh yes IT'S REAL! When we heard the familiar music, all the children in the area would come out to get an ice cold treat. The Ice Cream truck would stop right outside of our house and we'd all line up.

Panel 3: Kana reaches for an ice cream from the Ice Cream truck driver.
Kana: There were so many types of ice cream to choose from...

Panel 4: Kana and her parents enjoy ice cream on the porch.
Kana: Mom, Dad and I would sit on this very porch and savor the delicious treats! It's been a while since I've heard the sounds of the ice cream truck...

Panel 5: Now Ani is really upset. With her arms folded she exclains:
Anise: Bah! All lies! I'm glad I didn't know this about you until now. We're not friends anymore.
Anpan: See Nemu, Ani ish a bad kid!