Episode 864 - Escapees [Anpan and Nemu are on the loose!]


March 19, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Prison Break!

Hi folks! We're done and recovering from a busy weekend at Kawaii Kon~! Thanks so much to all who stopped by, said hi, and picked up goodies from our shop! We really appreciate it! ^_^

So biggest bad news of the weekend -- Volume 6 was held at the dock and was not and will not be released until this week. So, no books at Kawaii Kon. -sadness-

We are planning to pick up the books -today-, so we hope all goes well this time around and will keep everyone posted via twitter and Facebook.

Once the books are in hand, I'll be busy signing and shipping like crazy over the next week, so expect your copies .... "soon". ^^

Also! For everyone who wanted one of our Eat Pizza or Eat Cookies shirts, they are available in the nemu*spreadshirt shop. The quality is great and the color selection is nice and shipping is pretty reasonable -- even to Hawaii. ^_^ Be sure to share your chosen color choices with us too~! :D

Thanks again everyone! We'll be back at Kawaii Kon in 2012, bigger and better! :D

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Anpan and Nemu bust through the back door!
Anpan: WAHOO! Da master ish gone! Free at last!
Nemu: FREEDOM! Nemu use da get out of jail card!

panel 2: They run out to the yard with joy!
Anpan: Shkools out FOREVER!
Nemu: Nmeu ish never going back!
Anpan: Anpan flew da coop!

panel 3: But stop dead in their tracks...

panel 4: And have no idea what to do next!
Anpan: Now wat?