Episode 869 - Somebody's Watching [Anpan and Nemu discuss secret identities]

Somebody's Watching

March 30, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Are super heroes identities so secret? The pups don't think so!

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Comic Transcription

Somebody's Watching

panel 1: Nemu and Anpan walk through the park.
Nemu: Anpan... Nemu gots a question.
Anpan: Wat?
Nemu: How come peoples cannot see dat Clark Kent ish Shuperman?

panel 2: Anpan agrees with Nemu.
Anpan: Yeah! Ish sooo obvious! Why no be like Henshin Rider and wear a mask!
Nemu: Identity ish supposed to be shecret!

panel 3: Nemu remarks that Henshin Rider is smart.
Nemu: At least Henshin Riders ish shmart enough not to reveal dat he ish...

panel 4: Anpan quickly covers Nemu's mouth
Anpan: SHHHH!

panel 5: A billboard with a huge Space Cow sits behind them: "I'm watching you Henshin Rider!" at the bottom of the billboard it says “Watch Henshin Rider @ 7pm Wednesdays on SKYPOD”
Anpan: Never know who ish listening!
Nemu: Ohhh yeah!