Episode 670 - Big Boy [The pups never knew how large Space Cow really was!]

Big Boy

April 2, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

How'd that pig get so big?

Now that April Fool's is pretty much over, I feel it's safe for me to post that - yes! we have just passed our 6 year mark! :D

Thanks so much for your support these past 6 years! We're totally looking forward to whatever awesomeness comes our way in our lucky 7th year. :D I hope you will join us on that journey together! ^_^v

Sankies~! :D

Comic Transcription

Big Boy

panel 1: The pups discover the billboard with Space Cow on it!

panel 2: They can't get over how large he is.
Nemu: H-how Shpace Cow gots so HUGE?

panel 3: The pups decide that this is really how big he is...
Anpan: Shpace Cow ish a really BIG BOY!
Nemu: Too much junk food!
SFX: *nod* *nod*

panel 4: and come to a second conclusion.
Anpan: Yeah! Dat proves it Shpace Cow really ish a PIG.