Episode 872 - The Hole Truth [Godzilla, Batman, or Zombies?]

The Hole Truth

April 6, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Cookies, hats... is that hole an entrance and invitation to a monster party?

Happy Good Friday!

We "celebrated" a little early and treated ourselves to a movie -- Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It's playing locally for us, and we were super intrigued by the previews. In short, I recommend it if it plays in your area. Not only is the food amazing (and you will walk away hungry for amazing food... and likely be disappointed...) but his dedication to his craft is incredibly inspiring. We spent a good two hours after the movie, eating (not as amazing food, sadly) and discussing our observations.

I find Jiro's struggles as an artisan for that unattainable "perfection" is mirrored amongst many artists I know -- be it music, comic, illustration, writing, acting, etc. Many ask us just how this can be my job -- and to be honest, it's not easy. I don't have someone to learn from and I make a lot of mistakes. But I believe whatever effort we put forth is exactly what we receive in return. Passion, love and drive are really essential to finding that dream job and making it work.

I feel inspired to work harder, or perhaps "better", to continue on this journey of mine. I hope you all find the same type of joy in your chosen field of work. :D

Have a great weekend folks~ :D

Comic Transcription

The Hole Truth

panel 1: The pups look down the man hole... what do they see?
Nemu: Godzilla can't fit in dat hole.
Anpan: Hmm. Anpan know! Dats where BATMAN lives! Dis ish da BAT CAVE!

panel 2: They tell each other who they think lives in the hole.
Nemu: No Anpan! Dats where ZOMBIES come from! Nemu saw it on a Michael Jackson video!
Anpan: NO WAYS!

panel 3: A worker pops his head out of the man hole and freaks the pups out!
Pups: WHOA!
Worker: Huh?

panel 4: The pups leave disappointed.
Anpan: Shucks... dats not BATMAN!
Nemu: Nemu was hoping for ZOMBIES!